Real Solutions for Real Estate

Whether you are planning to build, renovate, or expand a non-owner-occupied commercial property, we’re your bank. Speak directly with our decision makers, and you’ll get answers fast. We just need pertinent information. Not piles of forms. We know that time is money.

Our products include:

  • Term loans for purchasing or refinancing debt secured by commercial real estate
  • Lines of credit for developing or renovating commercial real estate

Purchase or Refinance Investment Property

Traditional Mortgage
Loan Size $5,000,000
(If you need more than $5 million, see if our SBA program works for you)
When should I get a traditional mortgage? If the purpose is to purchase, refinance or renovate investment property.
(If the property is going to be used for your business, see if the SBA program works for you).
What can you use loan funds on? For purchase of real estate, refinance your current mortgage, capital for future investment properties, renovations, purchase of equipment.
Terms Up to 15 years
(5 years with renewals)
What benefits does Savoy provide compared to other banks?
  • More flexible approval compared to traditional larger banks
  • Faster closing (45 - 60 days)
  • Remote deposit
  • Free business checking account with no fees
How much will I have to put down? We can fund up to 85% of the purchase or project costs.

Call to speak with Savoy’s specialized loan team.